Last year was an exciting one…

When Pappus moved to the new location at Impact Hub Lisbon, we didn’t know what to expect. All I personally knew was that my desk would probably end up graved with sticky notes about Coworking & Community Building. Starting into the new year, we can share 

3 extraordinary learnings our community taught us for 2022 ?

We found many people from diverse backgrounds, some of them welcoming us with Persian Food, contrasting dances, and most importantly, here for our annual learnings: a BIG heart. 

We bonded, and I figured fast that all of us had one thing in common:
Trying to find stability in uncertainty.
Our community friends had great ideas about organizing learning environments, sustainable lifestyle products, immersive experiences, data analysis – or short: Impact in every shape and form.

Hearing about all these fantastic ideas while being stuck in mental spirals thinking of the pandemic, we tried to make the startup dream come true – we wanted all at once. There is no one to cherish or blame; me as a founder, I celebrated successes and cried every other day. I was very much impatient. ⚡️

Lesson N. 1:

Be patient about the big things: community growth does not come overnight


Ensure to stick to your daily goals – and be impatient about the small stuff. Rather, shift your actions instead of constantly worrying about the results. I have this co-worker in mind who has been working & suffering for years to be finally successful with his automatized marketing software. Patiently he waited until he finally got what he was working hard for, which brings me to

Lesson N. 2:

Progressive failure is better than no failure


Do you know how many times people shift their Business Model within the first 2 years? More than enough. We learned that it’s OK if something doesn’t work out – if you work your way through. Living through fear is a pearl of general wisdom – it doesn’t matter what subject we are talking about. Why? Often our worry is more immense in imagination. We ask ourselves: What if this doesn’t work out? What if I can’t pay this bill? We suffer for an event that typically did not even happen.

In 12 months, we met – throughout the way – a lot of great people.

But more than once, my intuition also fooled me. Do you know this feeling of meeting someone you have a strange first impression about? Not because they disrespect or disappoint you, simply because a voice in your head is whispering. Maybe you heard or read about this person before, and you unconsciously decided to better keep your distance.

Lesson N. 3:

Open up and let people surprise you


Of course, this not only brings the crème de la crème, but we found friends, business partners (and love) within people we would never have guessed. Are you ready for another year?

Nurture your community like you would nurture yourself ❤️

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