Community Marketing

We design for you a community-led growth strategy and take the first steps to implement it (Duration: 1-6 months)

Community Maturity Analysis

Analysing your community maturity level and examining growth hacks to foster member engagement (Duration: 1 month)


Being your community doctor to consult founders and community managers on their daily challenges (Duration: 3 – X months)

Brand Identity & Design

Identifying your origin story & brand values for translating them into a visual communication strategy (Duration: 1 month)

Web Development

Implementation of your community strategy and origin story into a WordPress Site or similar (Duration: 1-3 months)


Implementing a Sales Process (e.g. B2B) that matches perfectly with your brand & customer target group (Duration: 1-6 months)

Community Workshop

Improving your Community Team through education about their roles, best practices & real-life business cases (Duration: 1 Day)

Event Creation

Planning and hosting unforgettable signature Events & Experiences for your brand and community members (Duration: 1 – X)

Expert Consultation

Examining your current situation and challenges with our Founder and Senior Consultant Simone Franke (Duration: 90min)


It doesn’t matter if you are right at the beginning of building your business and community or at a more mature stage. We help you to identify key stakeholders, partners and clients, which then become part of your community ecosystem.

We drive sales, build strategies around growing and monetizing your community or help your community team to foster the engagement of the actual community members.

Additionally, we assist in implementing technology, designing solutions and creating unforgettable events and experiences. 

consulting services


It doesn’t matter if you are a new or existing operator in the market. Our community consultants specified on helping shared office cultures and collaborative communities.

We can start from scratch to design different community and brand scenarios or help you optimizing your current business.

Additionally we can transform businesses and add coworking as a profitble revenue stream on top. Design and optimize your pace utilisation.


Simone inspires me every time we meet! She is the most productive person I know, and she uses her time to make the world a better place. She manages a successful community focussed business at the same time as leading an NGO in Portugal. The events she organises are always well attended, and I’m very grateful to have her co-hosting Global Forum Lisboa with me. She has great ideas for developing the event, and her connections with other impact-driven organisations are invaluable. I’m excited to be a part of her life and see what she achieves next.

pappus review sca

Dominic King

SCA – Strategic Communication Agency

I met Simone in Cyprus through an NGO. We connected immediately, and later on, I found out that she offers consulting services to coworking spaces. After an initial discussion, I understood that she was very knowledgeable, in her field, and I hired her to review my almost-ready-to-launch coworking space. Her input and resulting consultation turned out to be gold as her feedback really helped to optimise certain aspects of the business that I would have never thought of on my own. 10/10 I would recommend Pappus Agency and specifically Simone.

testimonial pappus

Nikolas Konstantinou

Evuci Business Center