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Together with founder Simone Franke aka. ‘Nina Simone’ we have hosted 500+ events since 2021. If you’re looking to enable genuine and authentic connections for your brand & stakeholder network, look no further 😉 

As white-label event planners Pappus Team is designing,planning and co-hosting unique event experiences with highlight your purpose and generate leads. These community events can be held online or offline. Additionally we also offer help with moderation & entertainment. 

3 steps to make your event a sucess


Hire Pappus for a Unique Design and Cost-effective Planning


Co-Curate Content, and outsource the creation of Guest and Speakers List


Get help with the hosting of authentic and rewarding events

Other Community Event Series…

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pappus coworking events
coworking events
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Together with several organizations we have hosted 500+ events since 2021 (online & offline).

From Impact Panels, Team Buildings, Conferences and inspiring Networking Events – you choose what you would like to get out of it and we plan and promote with a special spark for establishing authentic human connections.