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Welcome to Pappus Agency, your go-to partner for creating vibrant, engaging brand communities and coworking spaces. Our philosophy is rooted in fostering organic growth and cultivating active, resilient communities.

We view brand communities and coworking spaces not just as customers or workplaces, but as dynamic spaces for individuals to connect, share, and grow. Our passion lies in crafting authentic, sustainable environments that foster a sense of belonging and inspire productivity and creativity.

Our comprehensive range of services, including the Kickstart and Premium Accelerator packages, are tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you’re establishing a brand community, kickstarting a coworking/coliving business, or accelerating an established shared-space venture, our strategies are designed for your success. And with our Pappus Business Mentoring service, you can leverage the insights of our top experts for your journey.

Our human-centered approach is all you need to drive engagement, collaboration, and growth in your communities and spaces.

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Pappus is characteristic of plants in the sunflower family (Asteraceae). The well-known example of the dandelion carries pappuses that act as parachutes to carry the seeds in the wind.  We intended to describe a parachute that brings each seed to its belonging place like our consultants are finding the right organic and sustainable growth strategy for our clients.



Consulting & Business Development

We build inspiring human-centered business models and networks that grow organically and foster engagement.

Events & Experiences

We identify community obstacles and opportunities to create purposeful customer environments e.g. through community marketing, social media and event strategy.

Community Management

We build, educate and recruit community departments from scratch to consult, foster engagement, and solve the organizational culture puzzle.


We work accordingly to the REAN Model which stands for: Reach – Engage- Activate and Nurture. Hereby all our activities are based on a human-centered approach that covers important components such as Organizational Learning and Leadership, Digital Marketing as well as Design Thinking.


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