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The Magic Formula for Community Consulting Services and their Success 

Every brand has a community. And if you have some people who are passionate about what you do, activating the marketing power of these people can empower your brand  – ...
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3 Powerful Rules to Work Smarter As A Community Manager

60 percent of working time goes to waste – here's what you can do to work smarter The annual Anonomy of Work report compiled by Asana, measures the work environment ...
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Starting a new era with “Coworking From Home”– Meet TableCorner

Coworking spaces offer collaboration and community in furnished and equipped workspaces on a rental base. But what if most of these workspaces lost their initial purpose? There are hundreds of ...
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About scaling prices and community

It does not matter if you are a new operator or an existing one, at one point you might want to scale up without screwing up. Why? To expand or ...
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How to fund a coworking space?

Let's say you are looking for business models, plans or proformas... you're probably interested in figuring out how, or who could fund the new coworking operation and how much money ...
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How to start a coworking business?

Sometimes you need someone to help you celebrate, commiserate, explain, collaborate, uncomplicate or recalibrate. The most common challenge faced by freelancers is isolation. However, it shouldn't be like that because ...
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How to generate Leads as a Coworking Space?

As our work becomes more and more digital, people are increasingly working from home, or from your coworking space! Lead generation is the process of attracting prospects and converting them ...
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Get more members – the best coworking platforms!

Freelance and remote workers are now a growing part of the workforce, with the number of people working remotely increasing by 20 per cent in the last decade. And this ...
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How shared offices motivate coworkers

Motivating employees is a real challenge  Stress and motivation are two major problems in many companies. Decades were filled with research on the impacts of stress in the workplace and ...
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Coworking workspace trends 2022/23

What we all know is that the pandemic conditions quickened the transition to virtual and hybrid workspaces. As with many industries facing restrictions from the pandemic, the future of coworking ...
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Why a brand community is important in 2022

Though people generally receive their true community support from their family and friends, companies can also contribute to people's sense of belonging by building communities for their customers. Although today's ...
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What is Coworking?

Coworking, coliving and workation are more in demand than ever The covid pandemic and digitalization made work more flexible in numerous companies, giving the topics new momentum.  Coworking can be ...
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What are community values?

Before building or developing a community for your business, think about the values ⭐  2020 Pappus started researching member preferences in coworking spaces, which should be the foundation and motivation ...
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3 extraordinary community learnings for 2022

Last year was an exciting one... When Pappus moved to the new location at Impact Hub Lisbon, we didn't know what to expect. All I personally knew was that my ...
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The Keys of Hybrid Work Communities

What are the keys to a powerful hybrid work community?  Before we go into detail, we remind you of our blog post The power of community. We figured that without ...
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