COworking and Coliving Development

COworking and Coliving

Shared workplaces and collaborative communities are the new ways we work and live. Unfortunately, most of these businesses are not that profitable or well designed. Why?

Because it takes more than just renting desks, private offices and throwing a few happy hours! We unlock your full potential and transform you into a living social work or iving place while enabling organic community growth. 

We help property owners and entrepreneurs to transform their ideas or existing businesses into living and social workplaces. Making a shift from being a landlord to an operator with purpose, we help our clients achieve a profitable coworking business.

Increase your ROI by optimizing organizational culture, offer, and community-added value. Embrace the uniqueness of your business and maximize your income per square meter. Office as a service can work if you just know how to read your customers’ insights.

Community Building & Marketing

How to design community activities and engage your members better?

Our experts show you how & foster the first results.

Market Research & Branding

You want to find your own coworking space or scale an existing solution?

Our experts do your market research for and create a website and brand identity.

Coworking Management

You are tired of daily operations and capturing leads that don’t convert?

Our experts optimize processes and design member tiers and offers.

Cyber Security

You don’t know how to create a safe space for corporates and your internet lacks speed?

Our experts secure the solution that makes all your members happy.

Business Model & Finances

Do you need to pivot or optimize your strategy because of your current situation?

Our experts help you design successful and profitable coworking business models.

Support & Accountability

Do you need support on your monthly business challenges?

Our experts offer Group Exchange with other coworking businesses.


coworking space kickstart

Start your dream Coworking or Coliving Space!

Launching a shared spaces business requires a fine blend of strategy, community building, and management skills. But most important: Stay human and create a unique brand that people want to experience. 

1:1 community consulting

Get 1:1 Expert Support

With 10+ years of experience as a community builder and entrepreneur, our Founder Simone can support you individually in your journey to building a profitable community department, business and organization.

coworking accelerator

Take your Coworking | Coliving Business to the next level!

Ready to take your space(s) and 6% ROI to the next level? Our Premium Accelerator Service Package is designed for established shared-space businesses looking to amplify their growth and create a more significant impact.


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