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We believe in the power of community

Consulting businesses to develop brand communities & coworking spaces

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Our community consultants grow your business 10 times faster through:

Community Strategy

→ Our clients often paid a lot of money for capturing leads that didn’t convert. We teach you how to benefit from your community to save marketing expenses.

Organic Growth

→ We saw it plenty of times: Burned out Community Managers that dealt with too many tasks. We make your clients advogates of your business to thrive your sales.

Signature Events & Experiences

→ Often our clients had a hard time keeping the clients’ commitment and engagement. We design activities that make your brand unique.

Use the power of community!


2022: Companies no longer have passive customers!

Today’s buyers are active participants in choosing who they support – our support makes you establish meaningful relationships with your customers through your community-led growth strategy

Pappus expert team promotes your business using a community-led growth strategy that includes 1) Market & Community Analysis, 2) Community Growth Strategy, 3) Community Experiences

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community consulting
community consulting

Make your customers belong – achieve better results!


 Since 2019 Pappus Agency has specified helping shared office cultures. We consult new and existing operators about developing their businesses. Coworking is the future of work, and we believe their social synergies make business faster, innovative and sustainable!  

Pappus expert team is consulting and working on projects with 1) New or Becoming Operators, 2) Existing Operators, 3) Transforming Businesses

Resves Community
Founder Simone Franke with Resvés Members

Get a higher ROI than 6% – be profitable! 

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To attract and hold clients, you must offer them experiences which enable connections and add value to their personal or professional life.

Pappus expert team is designing signature events for your brand and supports you with the organization and marketing of the themes:

Networking & Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Education & Technology

Unleash your potential and create experiences that fit!