Before building or developing a community for your business, think about the values ⭐ 


2020 Pappus started researching member preferences in coworking spaces, which should be the foundation and motivation for forming any coworking community. They are principles, NO fixed definitions, that guide your decisions and operations daily. Before I share with you, what Pappus found out let’s discuss the 5 community values you must know:

1. Community Sense ?

Without a shared purpose & joint agreement about how members contribute and benefit from their environment, you will rarely find an established community. Therefore most community managers set statements about “how to belong”. As general advice could count:

  • Be willing to introduce yourself and to learn about the community environment 
  • Try to make friends or at least be polite
  • Be ready to participate in conversations or events

Before starting, online or offline decide on your ultimate value. Explain the purpose of your gathering 

    2. Accessibility?️

    A broad term describing any community ecosystem. Its meaning covers mainly “being financially accessible” as well as “being physically accessible” for members. A great add ons are online community memberships which solve significant problems when it comes to inclusivity.

    In the case of a coworking community, accessibility is one of the unique elements because individuals can work from anywhere at any time. However, this works better in theory than in practice since most companies did not integrate yet 360° solutions when it comes to flexible or remote work. 

    To establish community within coworkers, however, you don’t need a unique coworking space to do that: The park, beach bar or someone’s living room is enough –

    Accessibility as a community value stands for self-selection.


    3. Collaboration Potential ?

    Communities are supposed to be a melting pot, allowing every entity or individual to interact and benefit.

    People should be willing to cooperate with others and to create shared values.

    The fight for resources is, ideally, already solved in the past. But did you already learn how to be a BETTER collaborator? Coworking spaces are great places to learn how to. 

    Visionary coworking founders observe more than one generation regarding member retention. Who has the most profound bond with the community, and why?

    Alex Hillman recently commented on one of our discussions:

    One of my metrics for success is how many of our members who’ve left because they outgrew us in some way (a good thing!) cycle back in the next time they are experiencing some life or professional transition. The numbers are staggeringly high and contribute to what’s become a pretty unique multi-generational ecosystem instead of just a community of startups or just a community of experienced entrepreneurs.”  

    We learn:

    Returning members is critical to long term success and enables collaboration. 

    4. Openness?

    This value often overlaps with the other matters, specifically collaboration, because the exchange is its currency. The will to interact with the free exchange of ideas and people is a powerful community asset. Regardless of its definition of “open” or “openness”, it would be best if you always fought for openness. These are decisions about:

    •  Communicate transparently
    • Operate more expansive, 
    • Acting more liberal
    • Being more inclusive. 

    Every community should be an open system that drives as a result autonomously. Consistent change is, therefore, completely normal. 

    5. Sustainability?

    This community values probably deserves its article. It has become a buzzword lately because social responsibility has become a popular marketing tactic and corporate duty. There exist different interpretations, not only considering the environmental footprint. “Green spaces, green hosts, “green personas” all this is great but does not guarantee

    a) Financial Sustainability
    b) An autonomous community character

    Therefore, our sustainability philosophy:

    Nourish your community ecosystem so that the people support and sustain it

    community values