Of what we know from our history as humanity, collaboration was the milestone of our collective achievements that defined us as what we are now as a society! From attributing the results of joint efforts to exterior forces in our pre-Christian times to the systematization and exploitation of our collective working efforts, co-working has passed through numerous transformations. Still, the latest challenge of a global pandemic is about to change work as we know it in a pretty revolutionary way! If, before the pandemic, people used to co-work in mostly monocultural institutional organized environments and interact with priority in the parameters of their own domain, the news of being able to work remotely probably impacted many individual’s lifestyles and fundamental perceptions of the idea of work forever. Then, what could such a drastic shift represent for the evolution of our society and what are the potentials of decentralized working spaces?

The atmospheric attribute of community work spaces

I would first start with the atmospheric attribute of coworking spaces, which brings a fresh breath to the brains of those who are booking desks. By working in a multicultural but also multidisciplinary space, everyone can observe a decrease in friction between coworkers, but also an increase in collaborative behavior which bridges different domains and increases the potential for new projects and business models to emerge! Isn’t it ideal after all, to add future growth potential to our work environment?

trial and error of community work spaces

Creativity and feng shui in work spaces

Also for us but in the long run for the entire humanity itself, the opportunity of incubating ideas and empowering creativity could have an almost unimaginable impact! Adding to this promising future of coworking environments, the individual but also common psychological factor is key to a healthy future society that is recovering after centuries of work-related traumas! Imagine the potential of the future of work when people start loving to go to work, interact, and spend more time in their workspaces! For this close-to utopian vision to be firmly anchored in reality, we also need to understand the crucial role of the feng shui of a coworking space itself but also the importance of the services that serve our basic needs in this type of space, like food, drinks, but also leisure activities. Still, I will cover each of these topics individually in future articles!

Hoping you have enjoyed this small read, I wish you a relaxed day at work, and do not forget that the person sitting next to you, might be your future business partner, and one day you might change the world!