Diversity inside community workspaces – how and why it should become your focus:

Already in the 90s, scientists researched for the perfect mix of constructivist learning environments. Coworking Spaces are one of them, since their members create meaning every day. Meaning is emerging and embodied in many ways, like the roots of social learning on a heterogeneous ground.

The theory found out, that it is less about internalizing stable constructions of meaning than participating within a community. In society, identity and social relationships are constantly negotiated.

A diverse work community, is nothing without inclusivity.

Shared office places live from their interaction and knowledge exchange, throughout all vertical dimensions. Managers should be inclusive and close to their employees and students, even if its bond is created virtually. How else we can correct and reflect on our mistakes? To learn how to feel inspired by others?

Diversity means shaping your services.

Who do you want to be as a community? To differentiate is key when it comes to attracting and holding your members in the space. Even if there is a market and easy buyer persona for your offered services, the question would be: Do these people promote you? Do they identify themselves with your ethics and values? Let them know!

Only if people feel inspired, do diverse opinions bloom and help you to create a collaborating work community.

Coworking is deeply embedded in the distinct production logics of cultural and creative industries, with its project-based organization and knowledge dynamics required for constant innovation (Merkel: Capdevila, 2013)

That’s why you should consider building your work communities as diverse as possible. You don’t have to use every single colour of the rainbow – just make sure to let shine every single one of them. ?