dao community

How DAOs help communities

The topic of community-led companies and the future of decentralized autonomous organizations is an exciting one. With a booming crypto market and weekly new NFT projects by famous artists, it ...
community workspaces

6 Steps to Build A Successful Community Workspace

Community workspace is an exciting new concept that allows people to work together from their homes or coworking space. Find out more about these innovative spaces! Community Workspace is a ...
community led growth

Community led Growth conversation with Deb Schell

Recently we came across Deb Schell and her podcast «The Community Strategy podcast» and we were blown away by the variety of business leaders she is currently interviewing. According to ...
community development

Community Development – reasons you should invest

The word “community” used to be a buzzword attached to other aspects of a business (marketing, sales, customer service) or not appear at all. The problem here is that people ...
cowork portugal

Office Communities and the Digital Nomad Visas in Portugal

The cowork culture is evolving constantly – this year the Digital Nomad Visa and Cowork Nativo might be game changer Recently the three Team Player Bernie Mitchell, Vika Zhurbas and ...
coworking transformation

More profit through a Coworking Transformation

As coworking spaces become increasingly popular to complement traditional work culture, more targeted methods of creating coworking revenue are making their way into the industry. Different players in industries – ...
community building

Powerful Community Building for Beginners

We are social animals, and our instinct is to find strength in numbers. Our health and happiness are inextricably linked with our connections. Yet, despite the sweeping effects of the ...
sustainable coworking space

Sustainable Coworking Space “Cowirken” inspires Germany

Coworking spaces are eco-friendly by default. Various people work in one space and share the utilities. However, we can still make it more sustainable. Alicia Feig and her mother Karin ...
coworking in portugal

Coworking Portugal vs. Around the World – Coworkies

Pauline Roussel and Dimitar Inchev have been around the world to visit coworking spaces. As a result, they founded Coworkies, a job board for the flex and coworking industry. They ...
coworking strategy

Trial and Error of Community Work Spaces #1

Of what we know from our history as humanity, collaboration was the milestone of our collective achievements that defined us as what we are now as a society! From attributing ...
man at computer

Successful Community Consulting Services

Every brand has a community. But just a few take care of their community consulting services. But if you have some people who are passionate about what you do, activating ...

3 Powerful Rules for Community Managers

60 per cent of working time goes to waste – here's what you can do to work smarter as a community manager The annual Anonomy of Work report compiled by ...
people cowork at a tablecorner

“Coworking From Home”– with Table Corner

Coworking spaces offer collaboration and community in furnished and equipped workspaces on a rental base. But what if most of these workspaces lost their initial purpose? There are hundreds of ...

About scaling prices and community

It does not matter if you are a new operator or an existing one, at one point you might want to scale up your community without screwing up. Why? To ...

How to fund a profitable coworking space?

Let's say you are looking for business models, plans or proformas... you're probably interested in figuring out how, or who could fund the new coworking operation and how much money ...

How to start a coworking business?

Have you ever thought of starting a coworking space? An interesting business model! Sometimes you need someone to help you celebrate, commiserate, explain, collaborate, uncomplicate or recalibrate. The most common ...
community consulting

How to generate Leads as a Coworking Space?

As our work becomes more and more digital, people are increasingly working from home, or from your coworking space! Lead generation is the process of attracting prospects and converting them ...

The best coworking platforms for more members

Freelance and remote workers are now a growing part of the workforce, with the number of people working remotely increasing by 20 per cent in the last decade. And this ...

How shared offices motivate coworkers

Stress and motivation are two major problems in many companies. Decades were filled with research on the impacts of stress in the workplace and how job pressures influence motivation.  Workplace ...
coworking in a hotel lobby

Coworking workspace trends 2022/23

What we all know is that the pandemic conditions quickened the transition to virtual and hybrid workspaces. As with many industries facing restrictions from the pandemic, the future of coworking ...


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